We want to tell you all about a very special gift that Brian received.

My sister, Kelly, told her good friend Elizabeth Pacella Militello about Brian’s diagnosis, and Elizabeth of course offered her support just as much as anyone else. However, she also ended up getting in touch with her mother who runs the Team Angels Foundation.

Every year, the Team Angels Foundation selects an individual that is battling cancer to become their ‘Angel on Earth’ and the organization helps elevate some of the financial burden of medical expenses from that individual and their family.

For the calendar year of 2016, Brian was selected as the Team Angels Foundation ‘Angel on Earth’!

We are so thankful and blessed that such a wonderful gift has been bestowed on Brian and we were in awe that such a gift was being offered to us. We were completely taken aback by Elizabeth’s generosity and also that of the Team Angels Foundation, especially since we were unaware that such immeasurable kindness was working its way behind the scenes.

We wanted to take the time to let you all know about the Team Angels Foundation so you can take the time to learn about them and what they have done for individuals like Brian over the past decade.

Thanks Team Angels Foundation!!!!
Brian and Lindsey
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