Payton Shock 10 years old was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma of the spine in July of this
year. This is a very rare form of Ewing Sarcoma, a pediatric bone cancer, which normally
attacks the limbs or ribs.

Payton was having backaches and eventually she could not walk. Her parents in a panic
took her to Children’s Hospital in Detroit where she underwent emergency surgery on
her back where a tumor was removed successfully but unfortunately was cancerous.

Payton needs to undergo several months of chemotherapy and radiation but her prognosis is
good after therapy.

Payton is very sad that she will not be able to attend school this year because of her
compromised immune system she will be home schooled.

Currently she is in and out of the hospital while undergoing chemotherapy. She usually has to
spend around 10 days a month in the hospital because of the side effects of her therapy.

Her family is totally devastated by the diagnosis but very thankful for her good prognosis.

Her father Howard is a police and fireman, Mother, Heather a graphic artist who had to give
up her job because of the rigorous schedule of chemotherapy Payton has to endure. Her
brother Blake a child himself who loves hockey has been a trooper through these trying times.

Payton loves her dog Bauer a Golden Doodle who is at her side whenever he can even
visiting her in the hospital occasionally.

We know that Payton and her family will get through this with the help of God, family, doctors,
nurses and friends who all care deeply about this little girl.