My name is Diane Kolton.  I am 39 and a single mother of 3 boys, ages 10 to 15. In January, 2008 I was diagnosed with HER positive invasive carcinoma breast cancer, which is one of the most aggressive forms of breast cancer and also runs in my family.

With no heath insurance, no job, raising 3 boys and caring for my mother who lives with me because she is considered legally blind, I was really worried. BCBS finally did cover me but not for another month. This delay prevented me from having the tests, scans, etc., that I needed to have done.

By the time I had surgery on March 23, 2008 the cancer had already spread to my skin. After a very long ordeal of falling into the hands of wrong doctors, and a great deal of run around, I was referred to Dr. Carrie Dul due to the aggressive nature of my illness.  Although my cancer had gone to the 4th stage, Dr. Dul believes my cancer is curable.

I have tried to remain positive throughout this ordeal and try not to concern my children with my problems. I need to be healthy for my children and my mother so that I can take care of them. I have to keep my insurance premiums paid until I am in the clear and I have to be able to keep my utilities from being shut off and to also keep a roof over my family’s head and food on the table – just life’s necessities. The Angel on Earth Program will help me and my family immensely.

Thank You,

Diane Kolton